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The Metal Building Wholesalers, LLC team can create unique steel & metal airplane hangars that suit your demands, including extra room for living quarters. Hire us!

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Sky-High Security Steel & Metal Airplane Hangars

Metal Building Wholesalers, LLCs are the ideal means of safeguarding your capital. Protect any small-to-medium-sized aircraft with a hangar designed to resist nature’s most unpleasant surprises, available in widths of up to 100 feet. Getting steel & metal airplane hangars from us offers investment protection and superior construction made of some of the most robust and long-lasting materials.

We provide bespoke hangar design services, and our structures are very strong and long-lasting to shield your valuables from the weather. You may design the steel hangar of your dreams thanks to our customization possibilities. With their sturdy structure and gusseted joints, metal airplane hangar kits are made to keep you secure.

We Are Your Ultimate Choice for All of Your Metallic Airplane Hangar Needs

With decades of experience, we guarantee your happiness with steel manufactured in the United States. We stick by our promise to provide bespoke metal hangars that are dependable, strong, and proudly designed. With an infinite array of possibilities at your disposal, we will construct the ideal steel & metal airplane hangars to meet your requirements. Additionally, galvanized steel resists fire, mold, termites, and other environmental factors, protecting your investment.

You may feel secure knowing that your investment has the strength and durability to resist even the most severe weather conditions, damage, and use thanks to our premium steel structure construction kits. Our sturdy steel structure kits come with clear span framing, which offers the high ceilings and column-free interiors necessary for aircraft hangars to be properly stored. Our metal hangars are made to order by all local construction codes. We are resilient to many weather conditions, including intense snowfall, rain, strong winds, and earthquakes. You may also choose the energy-efficient material that best suits the requirements of your steel aircraft building system from a wide range of appealing possibilities. Call us!

Built for Aviation Steel & Metal Airplane Hangars

Your aviation demands can be met by steel hangar buildings, also known as steel aircraft hangars. Whether as a workshop for maintenance or storage. To maximize the use of your aircraft facility and the surrounding area, we can help you plan out your hangar. Our sturdy steel & metal airplane hangar structures are made to endure the worst weather while protecting your aircraft. Once finished, your steel buildings require little upkeep and are nearly unbreakable. Bi-fold doors can be used to secure your steel facility against intruders and to prevent mice from entering your engines and aircraft. In addition, the steel construction considers airflow and the best conditions for safeguarding your aircraft.

Get Customized Options through Us

With an industry-best 10-year guarantee, all of our Metal Hangar Buildings are covered in approved paint that is specially made for steel to endure the worst weather. For simple clearance for cars and airplanes, our steel hangar structures may be specially constructed to be hundreds of feet long with the appropriate width and height. Call us!

Flight-Ready Facilities Steel & Metal Hangars

Metal Building Wholesalers, LLC specializes in steel & metal airplane hangars. We take on the responsibility of handling the specifics so you can concentrate on the larger picture since we are aware of the needs of the aviation sector. With our experience, you can easily handle the challenges of planning and building an amazing facility that complies with all applicable codes and licenses. You can rely on us to provide you with an outstanding finished result.

Explore More Options with Us

We have experience with all kinds of door systems, including hydraulic, bi-fold, sliding, and other types, so we can make any kind of arrangement you have in mind. We are aware that various aircraft and operational needs necessitate certain load capabilities, clearances, and door layouts. Our team has the know-how to construct hangar structures that fit your door system.

We take great care to consider every aspect, from choosing the right kind of door to adding essential elements like weather sealing and insulation, to ensure that the hangar we build is just what you need. You can rely on our expertise and dedication to quality when working with us on hangar doors for airplanes. The purpose of services is to provide support to the growing number of erectors around the area. We shorten lead times and deliver your building sooner by utilizing our network of professionals. Call us today and get started!


What are the metal hangars composed of?

 Among all the metals, steel is the most durable choice because of its high durability and corrosion and weather-resistant nature. This is why it is the ultimate choice for metal hangars!

What is the difference between a hanger and a hangar?

A hanger is used for hanging clothes and is very cheap and readily available, whereas a hangar is a large enclosed structure for the storage of an aircraft.

What are the options available for hangars?

A hangar is a structure specifically designed to hold an aircraft or a spacecraft. These hangars are primarily made up of metal, wood, or concrete.

What are the most important metals for the construction of aircraft?

There are several metals used in the construction of an aircraft, but most importantly aluminum, magnesium, titanium, steel, and their alloys are used for it.

Which type of steel is used in the manufacturing of aircraft?

stainless steel is most commonly used in manufacturing of the aircraft parts. Parts like actuators, fasteners, and landing gears are mostly composed of it.